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Business directory

The objective of the industrial subcontracting companies directory of Spain is to help companies identify and find the most suitable companies for their industrial manufacturing processes.

It collects information from Spanish industrial subcontracting companies with the capacity to develop solutions and manufacture intermediate industrial parts tailored to the needs of industrial companies.

It includes companies that develop various manufacturing technologies such as machining, casting, metal transformation, plastic, rubber, heat treatments, surface coatings, molds, electricity, electronics ...

Each data sheet presents the contact details of the company, as well as technical information of its activity, main machinery, means of maintenance, means of control, solutions, certifications and customer sectors.

In addition to the directory, SUBCONTEX offers free of charge a search service for industrial subcontracting companies for specific projects. If you are interested in this service, you can contact Ignacio Jiménez, SUBCONTEX Coordinator at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce (

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